The Tunnel at the end of the Light

I’ve never known the sun to be so bright
And not felt its warmth.
The beautifully painful light stings my eyes
Although, I know they were sore before.

The tears are new.
A new that has already gotten old,
Worn out its welcome.
I’m worn out,
At my worst.

For worse,
For better.
I’ll be better,
The best.

Deep breaths,
Deeper thoughts.
Nearing the drain at the deep end of the ocean.
So dark.
Fathoms of unfathomable emotions.

No fear.
Not frightened.
A hurt that has no visible wound.
Incessant internal bleeding
That cannot be stitched up.

The clock pulses on,
It’s hands punching holes in the wall.
Remove the battery from the back of time.
Stop the ticking,
The ringing.
Paused indefinitely in a happy space.

But not everyone is happy at the same moment.
How to choose.
For me,
For you,
For us,
For them?

Never stop making the effort.
It does not go unnoticed.
Not by me.
Not by a mile.

A millennia could pass and I will not forget.
For all the bright balls of gas in the night sky,
Already dead and gone,
The memory remains.
The evidence of substance lives on.


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