Yucca Valley

I dip in,
Enveloped in soothing serenity.
A six foot round galvanized tub,
My tiny oasis in a vast desert.
Not a soul for miles.
It’s refreshing, and so is the water.
Dirt and sand and rock,
Dry and hot and spectacular.
How does anything survive here,
Let alone thrive?
The most unfavorable conditions,
Yet so much life.
The distant hills’ gradients of color
Only a painting would do them justice.
Deep blue to grey,
To brown with specks of green.
Specks of life in the desolation.
I’m reminded we are all mere specks of life.
Born free.
Perfectly imperfect.
Flawed but inspired.
Capable of anything,
From surviving to thriving,
Just like this impossible desert.
I spot some ants marching haphazardly along,
Lifting rocks too big for their tiny ant bodies.
Perhaps that’s the lesson.
Nothing is ever too heavy to overcome,
But only carry that which serves you.
And walk in a straight line.
It’s quicker.
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