Welcome to your new reality,
Where the changing tide crashes incessantly,
Leaving the world jagged and cold,
Forever altering the landscape of your fragile existence.

You wish for the sky
To loosen its grip on the clouds,
Cleansing the tainted and unwanted unpleasantness
From the earth.

Instead, you stand alone,
In a field of shattered mirrors and scattered intentions,
Waiting for it all to be over,
For it all to finally be understood.

But your resolution never comes.
You are forced to live in a ceaseless oblivion
With the grey heavens above
And the scorched earth below.
No reprieve, no explanation.

Impossibly knotted on the inside,
Praying for numbness,
For emptiness,
For serenity.

Your heart’s compass has been broken.
How will you ever find your center again?
Realizing it is not outside of you,
It is you outside of it.


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