Cultivating Positive Emotions

My morning meditation is a vital beginning to my day.

It centers me, and fills me with hope and purpose.

The first in this series really spoke to me this morning.

It explains the importance of loving kindness towards oneself, but also toward others who may not be so loving in their actions toward us.

In our lives there will always be people who wrong us, or try to make us feel less than our true selves.

In those moments, we must hold to our truth, that if we live in love, we are not the cause of their pain, and that through love, they too can heal.

So, if someone has recently hurt or wronged you, take a moment to send them love and healing energies instead of harboring ill will.

I guarantee you will feel better, and over time, they will also find peace.

We are all energy.

Let’s make it positive.

Love wins!


To listen to this meditation, click on the photo above or visit @simplehabitapp to download to your device.

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