Earlier this afternoon, while scrolling through Twitter, I came across an article on Epicurious about not putting lime in your guacamole. My first thought was, ‘I really want some guacamole right now’, followed immediately by, ‘That’s odd. I love lime in my guacamole.’ Turns out, it’s a point of contention, and apparently, solely, an American thing.

No matter. I suddenly NEEDED guacamole. With or without lime. I cared not. (I find myself currently singing U2’s ‘With or Without You’ in my head, about lime.)

Now that I am consumed with the idea of tasty green goodness, I ponder, ‘Should I find a reputable restaurant, or fight my way to and through the market?’ Both can come with a degree of unpleasantness on a Sunday summer afternoon in Malibu, but I was determined.

The restaurant I found was closer, but also in close proximity to the pier, which means I’d have to fight the tourists for a lone bar stool, and there was no guarantee that their guacamole would be up to par. The store was a bit further up the coast, but did they have ripe avocados after the super sunny Saturday we enjoyed yesterday? It was mystery.

After carefully considering my options, and reading some not-so-happy reviews on the restaurant’s offerings, I opted to brave the grocery. Not to toot my own horn (much), but I do make quite a fantastic guacamole. With lime, thank you very much! (Yes, I will eventually divulge said recipe.)

While at the store, I figured I might as well make a meal out of it, so I grab a few things to make tacos. Ground turkey, mushrooms, sweet potatoes. Then, of course, I had to have a margarita, or two, to finish it off nicely.

I return home, quickly whip up a batch of guac, and pour myself a superb margarita. Understand that when I make guacamole, I typically make enough for a small crowd, so that is what I did today as well. Why stray from the norm? But to be ‘responsible’ and ‘in control’ of my guacamole craving, I only put a small portion in a separate bowl for myself to enjoy.

Of course, that was gone in a few minutes, so I went back for a second bowl, then a third, all the while thinking, ‘You can’t possibly eat ALL the guacamole by yourself.’

Turns out, oh yes, yes, I can! I self-soothe by telling myself that no one likes a quitter, and I always finish what I start. It’s the little things, or in this case, a giant thing, of guacamole.

I was so busy eating that I forgot to take the obligatory photo (or it didn’t happen), so the shot above is of the last little smidgen at the very end of my glutonous rampage through avocado land. I ate that one too.

Needless to say, I’ll be saving the tacos for tomorrow.

Guacamole (with lime)


6 ripe avocados, seeds removed, sliced into chunks, then scooped from skin

1/2 lime, juiced

1 serrano (or jalapeno, but I like spicy), minced

1/4 medium red onion, fine diced

handful cilantro, chopped

1 tsp olive oil

salt, to taste

your favorite chips


Mix all together and enjoy with chips.

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