Parasite Cleanse


10-Day Parasite Cleanse

There’s really no nice way to put this, but you probably have parasites lurking somewhere in your body. If you enjoy the occasional medium-rare steak or lamb chop, consume raw fish every once in awhile (Sushi happy hour, anyone?), have a love of gardening, share your home with a pet or a toddler, or travel to foreign exotic locales, you might be harboring parasites.

I know what you’re thinking. “Ew! Parasites? Disgusting!” They are, and while some bugs in your system are beneficial to your wellbeing (Hello, healthy gut bacteria!), there are many whose only mission is to gum up the works. Parasites can sap you of your energy, bring on bouts of depression, trigger muscle cramping and sleeping disorders, cause a lack of appetite or sudden unexplained weight loss, create skin issues and also lead to a myriad of stomach ailments.

Like many women, I’ve struggled for years with cystic acne, mood swings, poor sleep patterns (and the subsequent fatigue that follows), anemia and I have an insatiable sweet tooth. I’ve also had battles with candida overgrowth and BV on occasion, both of which are miserable and neither of which have a one-size-fits-all remedy. Being a health-conscious chef and a nutrition and wellness coach, I’ve done tons of research to try to ‘cure’ myself, made numerous changes to my diet and exercise regimes, and have exhausted every treatment under the sun, prescription or otherwise, to combat these tiresome maladies.

It wasn’t until I heard a podcast on BulletProof Radio , where they chatted a bit about parasites and their insidious peculiarities, and it opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about my health issues. I also picked up a book, This is Your Brain on Parasites by Kathleen McAuliffe, and it was just the kickstart I needed to accept this somewhat crazy mission.

~Enter the parasite cleanse, otherwise known as 10 days of “What the hell is that?’.~

After reading numerous comments on parasite detox products on Amazon, I have to admit I was a bit wary of how this would all turn out. The reviews were unpleasant, to say the least, a bit icky and a few were downright scary. I won’t go into details. You can read them for yourself.

While my detox was definitely an eye-opening experience, and despite a few toe-curling moments, I’m happy to report, it wasn’t nearly as traumatic for me.

In the end, I chose to go with Teraputics Intestine Pro Maximum Strength Intestine Support for its ease of use, simple instructions and ‘glowing’ reviews. I continued taking my probiotics and liver support as well as my daily supplements throughout. I also took a magnesium supplement before bed to assist my colon in eliminating the toxins. An unexpected bonus, the magnesium also helped immeasurably with my sleep, and I plan to continue its use.

As suggested by the warning email I received following my order (Yes, a ‘Warning!’ email), I was to take 6 pills daily, two at each meal, and my diet should not include any processed foods or fast food (easy, since I never consume these), sugar, raw fish or alcohol. It did give a stipulation that fruit was okay, but to amplify my results, I chose to eliminate all fruits except blueberries, knowing that certain parasites love sugar , and will trick your brain into thinking it needs it in order to further its own diabolical existence. I typically chow down on fruit all day, everyday, so this was to be my biggest challenge, but I was determined to starve the buggers out and make them run for the hills. I also ate no dairy products, grains or other simple carbs, nor did I have red meats or pork, as these I prefer on the rare side, therefore creating a undue risk of ingesting more unsavory critters.

The first few days were a breeze. You are urged to eat 3 meals a day on this plan, lest you end up with very severe stomach cramps and headaches, as attested to by many reviewers, so I ate more than I ever do to avoid the consequences. My diet consisted of nutritious macro bowls, healthy (fruit-free) smoothies and tons of veggies. I slept quite a bit, which was glorious and another requirement spelled out in the scary email. Also, I put pumpkin seeds (antiparasitic) on everything. Despite eating super healthy, and getting plenty of rest, I did have a slight headache most days of this cleanse, a ‘die off’ symptom. I suffer from migraines, so these were a walk in the park and paled in comparison.

The craving for sugar went away around day three, and continued to decline. The one thing I found I could not get enough of was water. I was extremely thirsty throughout the process, but this is to be expected on a detox. It is of vital importance to stay hydrated to flush out all the toxins.

Day four was when the fun began. I’ll spare the grisly details, but suffice it to say, my trips to the lady’s room became much more entertaining. It was all extremely engrossing (emphasis on ‘gross’), and I visited Google quite frequently to ascertain my findings (not for the faint of heart, I warn you). The pinworms were the first to appear, followed by many, many, many eggs, most of which seemed to be of the roundworm variety. Over the next few days, there was evidence of flukes and candida as well.

Throughout the entire process, although others complained of lethargy and flu-like symptoms, I maintained my strength and stamina, and was able to enjoy my regular yoga classes. Mind you, I’m a pretty clean eater, so, in my opinion, my lack of die off symptoms probably stemmed from beginning with a healthful routine. I’d imagine if you regularly eat fast food or processed food, you might have a more difficult time of it. I did incur a bit of bloating and discomfort around days 6 through 8, but nothing extreme.

It’s been a week since I completed the cleanse. All in all, I’ve been happy with my results. My skin seems clearer, but I might contribute that to the lack of sugar I was ingesting. I’ve got more energy and less brain fog, and I’m sleeping much better, often through the night. The thing I’m most excited about is that my candida and BV symptoms seem to have vanished, which leads me to believe I’ve rebalanced all my flora in the process.

It is recommended to wait two weeks and complete the process over again to rid your body of any remaining eggs, and I definitely plan to do so.

If you think you may have parasites, and want to embark on this crazy cleanse, please message me in the comments section with any questions or concerns you have. I should state, I’m not a certified medical practitioner, so please consult your healthcare provider before beginning this cleanse to ascertain any medical conditions you may have or may experience.

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